Cooking the Catch Vol 1 & 2 Book Combo

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A great deal and a great gift. Get both of these well written and resourceful cookbooks for one reduced price. Hundreds of great recipes for local seafood. Dave "Pops" Masch is a man well versed in all things salty, and in these unique cookbooks he shares his lifelong tales from the sea, his knowledge of capturing and cleaning the catch, and most importantly, his collection of tried and true recipes.

Vol. I

Chapters are organized by season, making it easy to dash home with your catch of the day and prepare a delectable treat for friends, family, and of course, the fisherman! Cooking The Catch is indispensable for those seeking classic seafood recipes and new ways to enjoy New England's fish and shellfish.

Vol. II

Chapters are organized by month, providing classic recipes and creative new ways to enjoy the East Coast's bounty of fresh, local, seasonal seafood, whether procured from the sea or purchased from the local fishmonger.

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